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Presentations | Mar 6, 2024

The Energy Transition is the opportunity of a lifetime


Founder Blair Palese presented on how the Energy Transition is the opportunity of a lifetime for the Australian community and economy at the Smart Energy Council conference in March 2024. Read more

Presentations | Mar 6, 2024

Investment in local economy as national security


Satya Tanner, CEO Australia LAUTEC, presented on decarbonisation investment as a national security priority at the Smart Energy Council conference in March 2024 Read more

Presentations | Mar 6, 2024

Australia’s opportunity as a renewable energy superpower


Satya Tanner, Director, CEO Australia LAUTEC and member of Climate Capital Forum explores energy security and community economics aspects of Australia’s opportunity to become a renewable energy superpower. Read more

Presentations | Feb 22, 2024

The Global Energy Transformation and Australia’s Response


Tim Buckley, Director, Climate Energy Finance and Blair Palese, Climate Capital Forum founder presented to Energy Estates in February 2024 on the opportunities for investment from the decarbonisation transition in the Australian economy. Read more

Presentations | Nov 28, 2023

What Australia Needs to Do to Get In and Stay In the Global Decarbonising Market


Blair Palese, Founder of Climate Capital Forum and Freddy Sharpe, Philanthropist and Investor, presented to the Australian Climate Tech Festival & Awards 2023 in Sydney, November 2023 Read more

Presentations | Sep 5, 2023

How renewable energy can be a vehicle for resilient communities and economy in Queensland


Satya Tanner, CEO LAUTEC Australia and Climate Capital Forum member looks at energy resilience in context of national security and Queensland opportunities at Smart Energy Expo in Brisbane, 2023 Read more

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