The Climate Capital Forum (CCF) brings together leading thinkers and key policy makers to address critical issues on decarbonisation and offer to support efforts at all levels of government to build a strong future economy and long-term job opportunities that will benefit Australia and uphold our commitments in our region and internationally.

We call for an investment of $100 billion strategic public capital to “crowd-in” around $300 billion of private capital that will support the Australian economy’s renewable energy revolution.

We work in the public interest across the policy, investment, community and advocacy sectors to ensure a diverse set of voices and perspectives are heard.

Driven by a core group setting direction, CCF is funded by philanthropy, and is hosted by Climate Energy Finance (CEF).


The Climate Capital Forum would like to thank the following for their expertise, ideas, time, insights and feedback: Trevor Thomas, Blair Palese, Wayne Smith, Nicolette Boele, Tim Buckley, Satya Tanner, Stephen Pfeiffer, Kylie Charlton, Justin Medcalf, Kerrie Series, Zoe Whitton, Kate McHugh, Annemarie Jonson, Joanna Kay, Clare Powell, Danny Kennedy and Saul Griffith, Monica Richter and Mark Richards, Kirk McDonald, Amy Boersma.

Coordination and Connections

Blair Palese

Blair Palese

Founder, Climate Capital Forum

Tim Buckley

Founder and Director, Climate Energy Finance

Freddy Sharpe

Impact Investor and Philanthropist

Wayne Smith

External Affairs Manager, Smart Energy Council

Stephen Pfeiffer

Stephen Pfeiffer

Impact Investor and Philanthropist

Amanda Caldwell

Amanda Caldwell

Strategic Lead, Climate Capital Forum

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