Huge solar installation in the outback as far as the eye can see

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Opinion | Apr 14, 2024

Future Made in Australia Act puts country in global cleantech race

The Australian

Future Made in Australia Act puts country in global cleantech race. Climate Capital Forum founder Blair Palese and Director of Climate Energy Finance, Tim Buckley, support the government’s Future Made in Australia act. Read more

Opinion | Mar 22, 2024

Community benefits from renewables can be locked in through local content requirements

Renew Economy

A coalition of business, union, First Nations and community groups are calling for local content requirements to be built into tenders for the Capacity Investment Scheme. A measured, considered domestic content stipulation in CIS tenders will support domestic clean energy and technology supply chains to mature. It can be a valuable tool that underpins investor confidence both into and by Australian companies. Read more

Opinion | Mar 21, 2024

Australia has massive battery opportunity, and it needs to think big and go hard to seize it

Renew Economy

Opinion piece from energy leader Danny Kennedy from New Energy Nexus on the opportunity for Australia for invest onshore in battery processing. “Time and again we are faced with this frustrating lack of both vision and understanding of the context, scale and urgency of the task before us. Australia produces over half of the world’s lithium yet retains less than 1% of the profit that lithium eventually delivers in final products of batteries and EVs. Why not invest in manufacturing batteries onshore? It’s a sector ripe for scaling, something we’re told time and again that we can’t do. Why?” Read more

Articles | Mar 14, 2024

Governments must prioritise local content requirements in the transition to net zero

Manufacturers Monthly

Report on benefits for Australian businesses, communities, First Nations, and workers from the energy system changes – so long as our governments prioritise local content requirements in the drive to decarbonise our economy and transition to net zero. Read more

Media Releases | Mar 14, 2024

Community benefits can be captured in renewables projects through local content requirements

A coalition including leading union, investor, energy, industry and First Nations peak groups has called on the federal government to embed requirements for locally produced and supplied components into all renewable energy supply chain manufacturing and development to ensure the benefits of the energy transition are returned to local communities, businesses, workers and the Australian domestic economy as a whole. Read more

Presentations | Mar 6, 2024

The Energy Transition is the opportunity of a lifetime


Founder Blair Palese presented on how the Energy Transition is the opportunity of a lifetime for the Australian community and economy at the Smart Energy Council conference in March 2024. Read more

Presentations | Mar 6, 2024

Investment in local economy as national security


Satya Tanner, CEO Australia LAUTEC, presented on decarbonisation investment as a national security priority at the Smart Energy Council conference in March 2024 Read more

Presentations | Mar 6, 2024

Australia’s opportunity as a renewable energy superpower


Satya Tanner, Director, CEO Australia LAUTEC and member of Climate Capital Forum explores energy security and community economics aspects of Australia’s opportunity to become a renewable energy superpower. Read more

Articles | Mar 6, 2024

Energy sector calls for community to remain engaged on offshore wind


Climate Capital Forum member Satya Tanner CEO LAUTEC Australia featured in Port Stephens News of the Area news site, on the importance of communities remaining engaged in consultation on offshore wind in Australia. Read more

Presentations | Feb 22, 2024

The Global Energy Transformation and Australia’s Response


Tim Buckley, Director, Climate Energy Finance and Blair Palese, Climate Capital Forum founder presented to Energy Estates in February 2024 on the opportunities for investment from the decarbonisation transition in the Australian economy. Read more

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