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News  |  May 3, 2024

Community engagement key to success of offshore wind feasiblity

Community engagement key to success of offshore wind feasiblity

Climate Capital Forum member and wind energy executive, Satya Tanner spoke with ABC Radio Gippsland this week about the government announcement that up to 12 projects have been granted or offered feasibility licences to assess feasibility of offshore wind projects off the coast of Gippsland in Victoria.

Explaining the various aspects of the feasibility phase and responding to questions from the Gippsland community is really important in securing community acceptance of offshore wind, which will be such an important element of our future energy supply system.  

During this feasibility phase “… we will see engineering studies for example, what are seabed conditions, what is the wind like, what are the ocean conditions.  There will be environmental research to understand what … are the sensitive areas that we need to avoid or be wary of. There will be First Nations partnership opportunities and most importantly … a lot of community consultation that will begin both from projects that have been announced but also from government agencies.”

Asked about Minister Bowen’s description that the number of applications for feasibility licences was ‘oversubscribed’, she said,

“I personally think it’s very good that there’s a lot of interest … when you have more applicants … it will ultimately lead to lower electricity prices for the community.  … The 12 that have been selected really are the best of the best.”

Listen to the whole interview on ABC Gippsland – starts at 1’58” –